THE RED CIRCLE (novel series)

Fall from power is only one revolution away...

Amidst a resurgence of great-power politics, the USS Houston, a stealth frigate stationed in the Black Sea, sinks after an unprovoked missile attack on July 4th. The assumed suspect: Russia. Although there’s no direct evidence, American hawks are willing to stake their reputations on the Kremlin’s involvement. Hence, the National Security Council summons a shadowy, oft-called operator of the Army’s premier counterterrorism unit to ascertain who sunk the Houston and why. 

Major Lincoln Grey, a talented, fluent Russian speaker who seems to have little use for society much less life, finds himself assigned once again to a mission he didn’t ask for, working for people he only vaguely respects, and fighting for a country and ideals he struggles to identify with. Though factions of the council are personally adverse to entrusting him with U.S. interests, the NSC sanctions Grey’s covert dispatch to eastern Ukraine’s hotbed of conflict where he begins a quest to uncover the story behind the Houston’s drowning. However, the hunt for the enemy takes him deep into the forest of his past where lurk tragedies and painful questions of identity that he must face or risk total war. 
Books in Series: (1) The Grey Wolf (2) Blood of Swans (3) Night of the Black Eagle (4) Return of the Wolf (5) War of the Firebird (6) Mark of D’yavol (7) The Red Circle

Dreamwalkers Trilogy

Time is just a matter of perspective.”

In the 2050s, vehement public protests against the U.S. government’s repeated abuse of power led to severe congressional regulation and oversight of nearly all security, defense, and intelligence agencies. Other global powers soon followed suit, resulting in impotent and under-resourced homeland organizations. Thus, in 2059, a group of anarchic, anti-technology terrorists was able to successfully launch a global attack, targeting oligarchs of industry with few obstacles standing in their way.

In response, Lord Goodnight, president and CEO of the mighty Olympus Industries, and other surviving tech moguls formed an insurgent, one-world-order group called The Circle to protect their vast empires. Lord Goodnight funneled his technology and funds into the U.S. Department of Defense, specifically the NSA, which now actively sought ways to regain their power without public knowledge. But underneath his philanthropism, Lord Goodnight and the Circle bide their time waiting to exercise global control.


“We are Omnus.
We know All.
All is subject to us and we are over All.”
– The Aurelux

A multidimensional and multiverse space opera narrative challenging the fundamentalist views of Creation and the sacredness of human Consciousness. In 2079, AI has become ubiquitous on Earth funded and fueled by tech giants while human intelligence has seen a decided decline, but one nihilistic, globetrotting journalist named Allen fights pro-AI governments with the sword of words while feeding his wanton lust. Then, one day, he’s inexplicably whisked off to a linked universe, more advanced than his, revolving around a tri-sun system in the shape of a trefoil knot. And at the center of this system is an extraordinary and technologically advanced planet dubbed OMNUS. Not knowing why or how he’s arrived to this apparent mecca of the universe he’s found himself in, Allen’s investigative instincts lead him into a wormhole of complex machinery straddling spacetime and Consciousness. Thus, he gets caught in the lethal geopolitics of the galaxy. His AI antipathy may hit much closer to home than anticipated as he unearths something wholly preternatural about himself.

A Scarlet Mind

There’s a nearly imperceptible margin between genius and insanity as with red and SCARLET.

A brilliant but scarred young woman lives a double life of dreams and reality, haunted by a devilish Genius who dwells in the belfry of her Edgar Allan Poe-plagued mind. Stripped from her California farm at a young age, Scarlet-Leigh, a prodigious artist with a lethal imagination, finds herself abandoned, abused, and alone until in sleep she awakens to another world: The Valley of the Many-Colored Grass. Through the magic of this unsullied realm, she meets a Marines-bound boy named Trane who remains her only source of companionship and love over the years. But as they grow into adulthood together, Trane becomes hardened by reality and convinced that Scarlet is merely his fantasy girl. He breaks her heart, and enraged, she casts him out of paradise. Feeding on her subsequent despair, her parasitic devil, the “Genius”, breeds terror and blights her every chance at happiness, threatening even the survival of her untouchable Valley. (psychological/magical realism, 85,000 words)

The Purple Gazelle

All her dreams seemed to be coming to life on the watercolor notes of the very first page

A battered NYPD detective has a run-in with an elitist, international crime boss at the most unlikely of his establishments, an old-school Upper West Side jazz club. (neo-noir romantic thriller, 115,000 words)

Writing Awards

2016 Female Eye Film Festival
Official Selection (“Dreanwalkers”)

2015 Chanticleer Clue Awards
Category Winner for Spy/Espionage (“The Red Circle”)

2015 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Awards
Top 20 Finalist (“The Grey Wolf”)

2015 StoryPros Award
Grand Prize Winner (“The Grey Wolf”)

2015 Barcelona International Film Festival
Grand Jury Prize, Screenplay (“Dreamwalkers”)

2015 Cinestory Feature Retreat & Fellowship
Top 50 (“Dreamwalkers”)

2015 International Screenwriters Association FAST TRACK
Top 50 (“The Grey Wolf”)

2015 Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival
Official Selection (“Dreamwalkers”)

2015 PAGE Awards
Semifinalist (“The Grey Wolf”)

2015 SENE Film Festival
Official Selection (“Dreamwalkers”)

2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Competition
Official Finalist, Science Fiction (“Dreamwalkers”)

2014 California Film Awards
Diamond Award (“Dreamwalkers”)
Honorable Mention (“Grey Wolf”)

2014 StoryPros International Screenwriting Competition
Finalist (“Dreamwalkers”)

2014 Writers’ League of Texas Manuscript Competition
Finalist (“Bluebonnet Bossa”)