How the Arts Were Won

The glory and tragedy of discourse in the arts

Touching upon the intersection of politics, culture, and the arts. No commentary deemed off limits—comedic, tragic, or otherwise. Most opinions welcome. Hosted by executive Matt Joseph Misetich (Pipeline Media Group) and writer / multi-multi-hyphenate Michelle Daniel.

no commentary deemed off limits…


Like all the podcasts I’ve gotten myself involved in and/or have started, I really don’t know how this one came to pass exactly. I’m sure my indefatigable co-host Matt recalls things better, but as far as I can remember, there were a lot of emails swirling round, and then suddenly we were hitting record on Zoom for what we called Episode Zero. Again, who said we should do this is beyond me. However, I am pretty sure it was Matt’s initiative from start to finish, but he likes to pretend others forced him into doing it. I guess I’m just along for the ride (and the laughs), though somehow–somehow!–he got me editing this thing, too. Genius.

From LA to Austin, we’ve got you covered. I don’t imagine there’ll ever be a day when Matt runs out of things to say (… or sing). Take a listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music, and connect with us on Twitter. If you’re not a fan now, you will be. (Or not… it’s fine either way.)

Matt Misetich
(Los Angeles, CA)
Michelle Daniel
(Austin, TX)
Matt’s musical interpretation of West Side Story (Episode 2)