The Art of Sports and the Sport of Arts

In the upcoming episode of How the Arts Were Won, featuring guest Jack Baric, Emmy award-winning filmmaker and founder of the new inspirational sports company GameChange, we discuss the correlation between arts and sports and the “crossover mindset” shared by these two arenas. We get to talk more about it all in the show with [...]

The Art of War

(As published in Pipeline Artists) 24 February 2022 Michelle Daniel # Read# The District [the following is a Pipeline Artists "Currents" piece, intended to capture a specific moment in time related to the arts, politics, and culture] Today, I can do little else except write. My heart breaks watching the violence unfold all across Ukraine, [...]

Bored? Wanna Start A Podcast?

So, it's a pandemic, right? And while we (the responsible, mask-wearing, six-feet-or-more social distancing, prefer to homeschool kids anyway) sane people struggle to keep our sanity in perfectly imperfect conditions, we search for ways in which we might connect with those once reachable creatures known as people. Maybe mother dear just had heart surgery three [...]

Teaching Russian Online from Texas? Da!

Original Article published on RBTH.COM on April 22, 2020 Photo Credit: LAITS (pictured right: Heather Rice) Dr. Heather Rice of the University of Texas at Austin talks about the perks and challenges of teaching Russian online and whether it’s possible to fully grasp the culture of the country without knowing the language. Arguably, in this [...]

Russian Rhapsody

(Note: The following was a feature written for RBTH.) I live near a metro station on the orange line, by the statue of Yuri Gagarin along the Third Ring in southwest Moscow. Despite Yuri’s rocket-sized obelisk, the area is hardly a tourist hotspot. That’s why I love it. For three months as a visiting American [...]

Moscow Underground

There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth. - Friedrich Nietzsche If Moscow has done anything right it's their metro system. It’s clean, spectacular, and a universe of live music—it seems to be everywhere. I come from Austin, Texas—the purported “Live Music Capital of the World”—but I can say without a twinge of conscience [...]