The Grey Wolf **
When the U.S.S. Houston comes under unprovoked missile attack in the Black Sea, the U.S. National Security Council sends a talented Delta Force juggernaut to investigate, suspecting Russia to be behind the crime. Based on the novel by the same name. (geopolitical thriller, 115 pp)

The Farm **
An elite all-American soldier guards a critical USCYBERCOM facility
located under a working farm, unaware that the site has been
compromised by Russian Spetsnaz forces. (drama/thriller, 118 pp)

The Initiator (Adaptation) ***
Asian-American Taekwondo master, demolitions expert, and former ATF agent finds herself framed for murders and stolen explosives, which has local and national law enforcement officials scrambling with July 4th fireworks at Mt Rushmore just days away. (crime drama/thriller, 104 pp)

The Red Line (Adaptation) ***
Initiated by an act of war from a resurgent Russian Empire and unfolding through a factual and timely scenario, World War III explodes between Russia and the United States. (war drama/action thriller, 118 pp)

Phenomenal Women **
Six disparate women collide amidst their struggle to survive Atlanta’s most dangerous district. (crime drama, 114 pp)
**Currently in pre-production and being setup by CAA (Creative Artists Agency). Latest attachments include Shirley MacLaine, Nia Long, Corinne Fox, and Ludicrus Bridges with Bille Woodruff (Empire, Beauty Shop) to direct.

A Scarlet Mind ***
A tormented young artist, obsessed with the macabre works of Edgar Allan Poe, struggles to find hope amidst the chaos of her genius but fractured mind. (horror/psychological drama, 115 pp)

The Meninist **
When his wife divorces him, and takes his twin daughters, a diminished CPA moves in with his mother, his feminist sister, and his pot-smoking grandmother, all of whom drive him to become a meninist. (comedy/romantic-comedy, 102 pp)

The Soulkeeper (Adaptation) ***
As a war wages between Light and Darkness, a young man discovers he has the genetic predisposition to be the next “Soulkeeper”—a supernatural warrior with the responsibility to protect souls from vengeful Fallen Angels. (action/adventure/fantasy, 112 pp)

Shadow Of Death: The Fall Of ISIS **
After losing his wife in the Paris attacks, a newly-retired Delta Force commander recruits a privately-funded global army whose sole mission is to destroy the entire ISIS network. (action/war/thriller, 126 pp)

Epic Of Gilgamesh
The demigod king of Uruk wrestles with the loss of his legendary father to the demon-ogre Humbaba and embarks on a Herculean quest for immortality. Based on the “Epic of Gilgamesh”. (epic fantasy, 135 pp)

A Homeland Security special agent’s mind unravels, turning him from hero to psychotic killer. (neo-noir drama, 58 pp)

20Q **
A repressed English professor has a psychotic break and rediscovers herself in a secluded cabin. (psychological thriller, 80 pp)

Blood Rose
In a future in which terminal diseases have been all but eradicated, a dysfunctional team of scientists and spies must cure a lethal new virus before conspiring world powers attempt to unleash the killer remedy upon an overpopulated Earth. (sci-fi thriller, TV pilot, 61 pp)

Faith, Inc.
When a humble, tattooed Marine seizes a job offer at a Miami megachurch, he uncovers corruption, embezzlement, and links to Hezbollah which take him straight to the den of the FBI. (drama, 118 pp)

Downbeat Angel ***
In 1950’s mambo-smoked Manhattan, an angelic pianist fights to prove herself on the jazz scene even as cutthroat mafiosos threaten to destroy her life, love, and passion. (crime drama, 107 pp)

Dreamwalkers ***
A cybernetic Navy SEAL must recover his deleted past before one-world-order extremists overtake his system. (sci-fi thriller, 108 pp)

**Indicates under current option as of August 2019
***Indicates former or expired option