I primarily write fiction (both novels and screenplays) and prefer crafting sweeping global stories and multilayered worlds to intimate small-town sagas. Additionally, I have a non-fiction book coming out with Academic Studies Press in 2022 on the life and legacy of Cold War-era BBC DJ Seva Novgorodsev. Some of the articles I’ve written are below.

Putin stole it from me

For Pipeline Artists

It boils down to this: fiction must remain fiction, otherwise it’s without charm, and when without charm, it has no sway over anybody…

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You don’t need to speak russian if you play an instrument

For RBTH (Russia Beyond the Headlines)

It is rare that you find yourself in a place where the majority of people can’t freely converse in English. But Russia is a special case. It is the first country I visited where performing music with the people has allowed us to have entire conversations with barely a word exchanged…

Photo credit: Artemy Troitsky

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Teaching russian online from texas? Da!

Written for RBTH (Russian Beyond the Headlines)

Dr. Heather Rice of The University of Texas at Austin talks about the perks and challenges of teaching Russian online and whether it’s possible to fully grasp the culture of the country without knowing the language…

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